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We Are A Gentle Touch, Low Stress Grooming Service
Where Every Pet Is Treated Like Royalty.

Phone: 706.697.6900
or 706.669.7901
email: dawgiedooz2@gmail.com

Now Serving the Western Communities of Palm Beach County Florida

No Drugs
No All Day Waiting

Just Fast, Reliable Service in a Purely Positive Atmosphere
[To read our Mission Statement, please click here.]

Available Daily

Appointments Recommended
5% Off 1st Groom
Multi-Dawg Discount: 5% Off Total Bill

To All Emergency Response Personnel

Dawgie Dooz Grooming Shop salutes and supports all you do for our community. From 1st response teams to support personnel, you are the fibers that help hold together the fabric of this region. With our gratitude and heart felt thanks we want to extend a flat 50% discount on all grooming services offered for any Emergency Response Personnel with dogs. Just show a valid department ID at the time of services rendered.