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Below are some of the thank-you messages that we have received. If you would like to have your comments posted, please send us an e-mail.

e-mail: dawgiedooz2@gmail.com

Please click here to see some before and after photos.

Monday, 2009 May 10

Dear Trish and Gretchen,

How many loyal customers would drive 750 miles each way to have their Dawgie's groomed by you? Don and Kathy Cates will because Dawgie Dooz is a "cut" above the rest, and absolutely the best! Come back to Florida ~ so our little "boys" will look "perfect" all of the time.

Harley and Riley

Thank's for being so nice to us all of the time.

(p.p.s. Trish & Gretchen ARE back on South Florida and devoted to bringing their rare skills back to us lucky Floridians!)

Monday, 2009 March 15

Thanks so much for the picture of the girls, and for making them look so pretty. They are so proud of themselves and the way they look now. Margaret Wischmeyer

Monday, 2009 March 02

Dear Gretchen and Trish,

This is just a thank you for doing such a great job on our dog Jake. We have had him at various groomers, and you are the best! When we bring him in we do not have to worry because he gets such loving care. He looks great after every grooming and is finished in record time. The personal care and the way you treat our dog is wonderful. He's never put in a cage while waiting to get finished. You both have just such kindness with each dog you do.

Thanks again,
Rose and Mike Shaver

Tuesday, 2008 December 23

The reason we like Dawgie Dooz so much is because the owners Gretchen and Trish are so good to our dog and they always do a great job of grooming him. There is never a long wait and they will call us when he is done. When we pick him up he is always happy and looks and smells wonderful. We have tried others but Dawgie Dooz is the best!! We really appreciate the excellent care our dog gets there. Thank you Gretchen and Trish.

Kathy and Gene Levine

Tuesday, 2008 November 08

Hi Trish and Gretchen,

We enjoyed the article in the magazine and also seeing your website. It looks great!

After going from groomer to groomer on our move to Ellijay, and having several bad experiences with our dogs being caged on pickup at every location; we were thrilled to find you! Harley and Riley always looked great when we picked them up. We enjoyed the fact that they were treated like they were your own "Dawgz" and not caged between grooming steps. What really tickled us was when we would pick them up - they were always peeking out the window and we just knew that they had free reign of your wonderful place. Not stuck in a cold cage somewhere.

Imagine getting your own "hair" cut and being ignored before someone could dry and style it? Speaking of the royal treatment of your Dawgz, you people are the Queens of Dawgie Groomers!

Love ya,
Kathy and Don Cates

Tuesday, 2008 July 08

Trish and Gretchen,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU.

I am so glad you girls moved to town and opened DAWGIE DOOZ, I am always very pleased with the grooming that you do on PRECIOUS. She loves coming to see you, and I am always more pleased than words can express.

I wish you two the best of luck and continued success in your business and endeavors. I am also very happy to call you my friends. I can't imagine my world without you two in it. You have certainly filled some of the emptiness I have experienced since I moved to Ellijay.

Thanks again
Danny Elrod

Please fell free to post this in your stores or use it on your website. Everyone in town should know what I know… DAWGIE DOOZ is the BEST!!!!!! Love to love ya… L2Lya

Sunday, 2008 July 06

Gretchen and Trish,

Finally we found dog groomers that please us! Maggie, our little angel, is a feisty one and not the easiest to groom, as many groomers have told me. You persevered and were able to cut around her eyes, nose and the top of her head. Thank you so much for taking the time to groom her beautifully. You also know how to keep the areas that tend to knot up clear of hair so she doesn't have a problem anymore.

We have taken her to four different groomers in the area and none hold a candle to you!!! It is also great to call and get her in quickly.

Thanks so much for your caring work,
The Blakesleys